Tripple 9

Tripple 9 was born in Gainesville, FL to my mother and father Virginia and Larance.

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Hi, I'm Fassa Tripple 9.

Fassa Tripple 9 isn't my birth name obviously, but it's what you will get to know me as.

I was born in Gainesville, FL to my mother and father Virginia and Larance.

My father was murdered when I was a year old.

The story of how he lost his life is kinda unclear but I was told he was a family man.

I'm not going to say my real name, to me, it doesn't matter what it is.

I was labeled the black sheep of the family when I was young.

I was a little angry as a child but I don't think I was that bad. Nobody's perfect...

I learned a lot about myself as I grew up.

I always felt lonely and still do sometimes even when people were around.

I try to hide my pain and anxiety by doing things that would give me a rush and make me feel invisible and sometimes invincible.

Some would say I was playing with demons and I would say they are right.

I believe we all do when we start having to choose between a positive and negative.

Doing the wrong thing made me feel powerful like a King.

Fast money, drugs, and females sometimes give me temporary healing.

Yeah, it's fun, and feels good but based on a person's mindset it's not the right type of lifestyle for anyone. Everything that looks or feels good ain't good for you.

Not getting healing from the temporary fix made me look for another place to find healing from the pain.

My younger brother and I who I didn't see eye to eye with somehow found a connection through common interests, one of the things which we are both good at is music.

We connected more when we started robbing and doing other illegal things together.

The bigger the negative energy you put together the stronger the impact you put on people. Wanting material things and being able to take them when you wanted to be felt better at the time than writing music that thought no one would ever hear. Hanging with him gave me a friend. We got split up when he went to prison for 36 months. Not having my brother around made me feel alone again. Who would I get into trouble with and be that friend to boost me up to whatever I wanted to do and support me?

I made friends with people who I thought had my best interest but over time I figured out that life wasn't for me, at least not the circle I had around me. I eventually met Fassa and Tripple 9. We always fought about what we wanted to do to enjoy ourselves. It's was like a riot and a lot of bad chooses were made from the circumstances that we were in.

God, Lord, Universe, or whatever you call the higher power that made all everything had to sit me down a few times to show me that the people around me and the things I was doing weren't right.

I was scared of myself and what I would do to the world.

If it was positive the impact would be big and vice versa.

I went ghost and started hustling with people who I thought I could trust.

Most of them would win over their trust by giving them the things that they were easily attracted to.

All I could think was to be like my father and I would do it no matter what I had to sacrifice or who I had to sacrifice to get there.

Make money have material things and make the few ppl in your circle and that knew you trust and love me. Making money wasn't hard. Being a boss wasn't hard.

Giving someone who could benefit me the simple things they want and need isn't hard.

I started caring and loving the people around me and lost sight of what I really wanted.

To be like my dad or live my own life and destiny.

Having the people who loved me and not only love the things I did was the hard thing for me.

The few people that were around because they loved me for me eventually turned their hearts cold.

Hurt people hurt people. I put them in harm's way.

I got caught up with the power people gave me over them and I hurt people who really loved me.

I turned good people bad.

I'm not proud of it but I also can't change my past decisions.

Traumatized from the negative impact that I made on people made me go into a box and not give or take love from people.

I figured how can you hurt people or get hurt if you don't have a personal relationship with anyone.

I fell over and over again but eventually, you learn from certain mistakes.

Sometimes it takes one time to learn from a situation and sometimes it takes me multiple falls from a situation to learn.

Eventually, I learn.

The problem is to not fall into the trap of emotions that have you stuck in those bad habits and in the shadow of the world. After a few years of not writing or making music(because of me fighting with the demons in my head) I decided to try it again and was surprised at my talent I forgot I had and didn't much explore when I first noticed at a younger age. Writing music to tell stories of my life and stories of people I met along the way gave me an outlet to express my feelings. Realizing there was room for improvement to perfect my craft I focused more on those things to get myself ready to be the artist that I wanted to be. I learned a lot and still am improving my craft. Each there will always be something to improve on because in my opinion there isn't anything perfect except the highest. With him, you might be able to reach perfection. It's a question still in the air. This year I learned that it Is more to making a hit song than just a good artist. It takes a team to make something great. The vision that I have is beyond me. I know without a team that has a similar vision I won't be able to get it done. The bible said God "Let us make man in our image and plenish the earth", or at least something like that. Don't quote me on it.

After working with a few different recording studios and engineers I figured out what I was looking for in whatever team I put together or joined.

I eventually got contacted by Suren Davtyan the CEO and founder of Updown Level.

He heard a few songs of mine and thought that I was like-minded and would be a good choice to be a part of the team he is putting together.

Great artist producers and engineers from different places and backgrounds together who are specialized in what they do.

Together we are making songs that soon will be top of the charts.

Bringing people with different talents and styles to do music together sounds like a great idea to me. It's only one way we can go from here. UP...

I been down before with people who didn't have the same dreams and goals as me.

Now I'm coming up with people who have some of the same goals and dreams.

Even though along the way people will try to put me down or hurt my name and character I'm still going to be who I am.

At my next level, I'm going to shine bright like the star I am.

It's some people in my past that right now I can't bring with me but once I'm there they will be there with me.

One day they will understand that I had to get myself straight so that I can make sure they are straight.

I don't believe you can take care of someone else if you can't take care of yourself.

Once I'm straight and my loved ones are taken care of.

I'm going to build a shelter/program to help people in need and that are going through a rough time on their journey in life.

I believe the energy you give out is what you get back, vise versa.

My circle has gotten to where it was just me at times, due to my wrongs and sometimes other people's wrongs that land me or them in places where we could not support each other.

My family stretches out kinda far. I have family that is blood and some that aren't.

I realized that just because a person was a relative didn't mean that they were my family.

Just because someone says love you don't mean they are loyal to you. I choose Loyalty over love.

A person might love the things I do but not love me.

People come into your life for a reason,

season, or lifetime.

If you read this whole thing you are interested in some way about me or what I have to say.

Tune in and choose aside.

Fassa or Tripple 9. Follow me and the rest of Updown Level team on all platforms and social media.

Support us as we live out our dream.

You have to have a heart of a lion to get through this journey with us.

The main thing to remember as you go through your journey is, ***Now matter what lifestyle you choose always give thanks to the highest, God, universe or whoever YOU believe made all this.

Don't lose faith in what you believe because of what someone else believes, once you leave here they might not leave with you.