We don't believe what we say,

We just count the results we get every day!

The Producers of UpDown Level are hitting 100k on Beatstars just in 2 months.

This will give our team the to grow and spread our music all over the world.

Also, we are more confident when we start a relationship with Producers and Artists.

The Best Music Family Ever!


Recently We tried to work with a company to grow our audience in spotify for our Artists. In one month, Kosmos got 13K plays on his song. 

This give us knowledge to try to work with the company and promote our Team songs to get more and more people to listen to the music that will be published by UpDown Level.

Signed Artist

Who's Kosmos?

We also like to talk and share everything that will help everybody to be different and successful.

In this video, Suren Davtyan the founder and music producer of UpDown Level, and signed producer Bendo discussing the feeling to hit 100K plays on Beatstars.


We are talking about the marketing and networking side as well, bringing some additional knowledge to producers to get branding ideas to improve their music business.

UpDown Level

was founded