Frequently Asked Questions

What's UpDown Level?

We are a Startup LLC of Music producers, artists, engineers, writers, designers, creators, and more and more talented art makers worldwide.


We are celebrating our half-year of being the best online music family in the world. We are not believing in dreams, we just look at results.


UpDown Level was founded on Wikipedia and got verified on Google.

Why do Producers need to Pay for the subscription?

What's the UpDown Level goal. We try to promote our music in different ways and get more audiences.

So, Let's talk about the investment that every musician is doing, we all learn to spend money by watching other Producers or Artists experience the tutorials that they make for You but let's see how many people do the same as you. We thought it's time to think differently and try to get into the stage from a different side.

We need open-minded musicians to understand the growth that our Team is getting daily and we all do just investing in our Label and a lot of Musicians are getting into our website and trying to get in the Label.

We are not trying to sale 20$ lease with a customer. We sell exclusive or custom beats to make quality music which will be only the one and unique.

UpDown Level is getting bigger daily and you can be in the movement. Join us!