I’m 808moneyap producer from United States.
I started making beats a round 2018 me and my friends used to go a studio in downtown Minneapolis where students come after school to Record there music.

I got into where I make trap beats The manager of the studio introduce me Engineer show me how to mix and EQ and A couple artist in the studio they like my beats and One of those artist said this sounds like Atalanta after that day I take serious making beats.

then I start selling beats online couple of months posting beats on Beatstars.

I mad my first sale on Instagram where One of my closest artist in the city bought my beat and made of song I was so pretty excited never thought about I will make money for my beats.

Long story 
Things get better people got to noticed me.

This is the best moment of my music career. I got a message form suren Davtyan from UpDown Level Music producing team Label.Suren explains me how the Label works than I got Singed UpDown Level.as well the opportunity to collaborate producers in the team UpDown Level success goals.


What’s UpDown Level Music producing team for you and what’s gives to you?

Updownlevel it’s to me a family it’s giving me instantly result Second month in UpDown level helps me to reach a bigger audience I really appreciated UpDown Level music producing team Label is definition of team we both have The same vision.

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