I'm Victor Bendo, an Italian producer

and I've always been passionate about music since I was a child.

With my father, who is a pianist, music is always in the air and I soon started playing instruments. At 10 I started with the guitar, then moved on to the clarinet and the piano.

I have been producing with FL Studio for 3 years, passing through every musical genre, because all styles are beautiful.

I'm always looking for new sounds and styles to mix together to create something unique. This year I started producing on Beatstars and I immediately found a great response.

Starting in July of this year I was selected and invited to sign up for this label, UpDownLevel, joining a fantastic group of producers and a great family.

So good music and let's go!​


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-The UpDown level team for me is a real musical family that offers you the opportunity to compare yourself with many high-level producers and to get to know new styles and musical genres. This group offers real support and growth in listening and in the interest of each published track.  The beauty is precisely the fact of never being alone because it is in the team that great results are achieved!

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