George Yessa

I'm George (a.k.a. George Yessa).
I've 22 years old and I'm from Turin in Italy.
My favorite genres are Rap and R&B and sometimes I like to mix their musicality with electronic sounds. This is due to my musical influences EDM, house, and dancehall.
When I was 13 I bought my first DJ console and since that moment I have never stopped playing it.

I learned to play it and compose the first remixes.
I became more and more passionate about music composition and as result, I discovered digital music software like MAGIX Music Maker when I do remixes and my first poor quality beats. 
Discovering this world more and more, I learned of a new, but much more professional music production program, called Fruity Loops (FL Studio).
I delighted in producing the beats and when I saw the people liked them, I decided to publish some of them on Social networks.
As I got better over time, I decided to sell my productions on BeatStars and later opened my personal Website.

I was recently contacted by the UpDown Level Music Production Label and joined them as they saw potential in me.

I'm glad they saw my talent and passion for music.
UpDown Level Music Production team is very helpful and together with other producers, we are a very compact team where we help each other and exchange advice and opinions with each other.

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