I go by Trey; a 35-year-old Music Producer named “GhostZed”. 

I am kind of eccentric when it comes to my instrumentals. From Pop to Rock Hop, Hip Hop to Contemporary, or RnB to Boom Bap; I strive to be different.

I was born in Riverside, CA à Raised in Stockton, CA à And now live in Port Orchard, WA (across the water from Seattle, WA).

Since my Father, Stepdad, and my brother were/are in the military, I have moved around A LOT in my lifetime.. So, I have been exposed to so many different cultures, traditions, and music. (Germany as a baby, Kansas, Texas, Oregon, Alabama, California, and now Washington, the state.)

Growing up, my father listened to Jazz and Smooth Jazz. My mom listened to RnB, Oldies, Reggae, Gospel, and Pop. She also sang in the church choir, so it was always a party in the car. In elementary school, I played the clarinet, the bass clarinet, and keyboard. Alongside that was music appreciation class. This exposed me to artists like Yani.

As I got older, I dabbled in Rock, Punk, Metal, Emo, Alternative, Hard Rock, etc. It really broadened my musical tastes with sounds and harmony. However, my stepdad was the one who really propelled my musical attributes in the right direction. So many different genres, I can’t even count! He, also, played the trumpet. We would sit and just play records, CDs, Tapes, videos, and talk about the music the artists performed as well as HOW they performed. He would breakdown what is happening in a riff of a guitar, or the run in a song. Of course, Dads think we don’t understand how great the music back then was. Haha! Little did he know, he watered the seed that had slowly been growing since birth.

After I graduated high school in 2004, my musical tastes grew, yet, again from the friends I encountered along the way. I remember watching Adult Swim at night, wishing I could make beats like J Dilla and the other producers that made the commercial blips on Cartoon Network.

I have always been creative; writing, singing, drawing, photography, and making music. They all seem to coincide with one another, I found. All these skills were molded from my teens, thru my 20s, and all the way until I started attending Full Sail University in mid 2019. I graduated with an Audio Arts certificate in Sept. of 2020.

For personal reasons (deaths, and family items needing to be sorted out), I had put off starting my musical career to be available for whatever my family needed from me.

Jan of 2021 – This was the start of the most focused, informational, and fun time of my life. I FINALLY was able to live my dreams in pursuing a career in music! Since then, I have been told I have a specific sound, or at least am making some headway in solidifying it. With so many influences in so many different genres, I am not surprised.

And now…here I am…humbly grateful to be a part of the UpDown Level family. It truly is a blessing, and a dream come true, for me. I want to shoutout @LTheGenius for discovering me and leading me to this tremendous opportunity!


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-Before I even decided I wanted to be a part of the UpDown Level movement, I was blown away by how tightknit the community of the label was. Me being less than a year into producing, I felt like it would be a great fit even though I felt like I might stick out because of my “lack” of time put into producing. Come to find out, the label would be the perfect opportunity for me to grow and learn from a company that was built from scratch. Filled with knowledge I yearn to learn, I was ready to Level Up my career. I see the hunger and the growth, DAILY! I relate to this same mentality UpDown Level has. The learning never ends!

Off the bat, after signing, I felt the warmth from the family that makes up the label. Everyone is so open to helping and figuring out the best way to accomplish each other’s goals. I already have learned a lot about marketing. Musically, I also learn from hearing all the talented producers. Every week, I am motivated to be better than the one before. Also, UpDown Level is an awesome place to get genuine feedback. 

Constructive criticism with tips and tricks to better our craft.

Coming from someone who has felt the wrath of being excluded (in life), it is amazing and rewarding to be a part of a team of individuals and entrepreneurs from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! THAT’S INSANE! This broadens the reach of my music to a global scale! I don’t feel I would have had the same opportunities were it not for UpDown Level.

After only less than a month, I am still very humbled by being surrounded my talent and knowledge! That’s the best place to be, in my opinion. To have my music being heard around the world is just icing on the cake. I can, now cross that from my bucket list!

Again, truly a dream come true!

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