I am Gijs Talking music I am Gissa, Gissaproducing.

I am seventeen years old living in the Netherlands.

I like to do sports, take photos, and make music.

When I was younger I was always interested in music, especially the production behind it.

Figuring out melodies, deconstructing songs on the radio, and studying the real professionals behind the hit song.

I learned some music theory playing the trumpet for several years. My passion for Hip-Hop music started growing a couple of years ago.

The lyrics and the artists grabbed my attention. To this day I listen mostly to Hip-Hop, interested in Eminem, Logic, Post Malone, and many more.

My interest in music production I had when I was younger came back.  I got myself my first audio program to try it out on my own.

I primarily produce Hip-Hop beats now. I mostly love old school, trap, and drill. Later I discovered I wasn’t the only one in my circle working on beats.

I hooked up with friends to have fun and learn more.


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-For a year from now I am active in the online music world too, where I got in touch with UpDown Level.

I see them as a chance for me to show myself and work as a team.

There can only be one way and that’s Up.

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