I’m INDIGOBLUES, a music producer located in Australia.

My name is Jerome

I am currently 21 years old.

My favorite genres are Rap, INDIE, and Trap.

I mainly produce Hip-hop/Trap & RnB music.

Through constant experimenting, I now make music with different genres such as Rock, gospel, and subgenres.

I started making rap music around 2019 as a hobby. With friends from high school and I would freestyle and write raps over type beats and instrumentals for fun.

One day my brother showed me FL Studio,

I discovered a new flame of inspiration and more love for music production overall.

At 19 years old, most of my friends had gone to university while I was, trying to figure out what I loved doing. When I was working at a traditional job, I realized that there is more to life than uninspired work, so I decided to quit my job to pursue music full-time. Though during that period. I was in the early process of learning Fl Studio and other creative work.

I never had a traditional experience of music-making or any teacher teaching me how to make music or DAW, As I am a self-taught producer.

My current goal is to reach 100k streams in Beatstars and Youtube, collaborating with other talented Music producers and artists with major placements and movie/tv show placements. My other goal is to help the music-producing community with premium SoundKits & Loops.

My favorite Artist/Producers:

Morray, Kanye west, Lute, J. Cole

Hitboy, Nas and Nick Mira.

I also have other passions for creative work such as streetwear fashion, sneakers & photography/videography.

I am now perfecting my art and upping my audio and content production with the help of UpDown Level.

The UpDown Level has motivated me to take my music more seriously by surrounding myself with talented individuals living in different parts of the world. We inspire each other through creativity.


What's the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

In mid-2021, I received an offer from UpDownLevel for joining a partnership with a small Full house team-making full of producers around the world, making dreams come to fruition. I like being a part of a team that supports each other and is friendly towards each other.

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