My name is Lewis, a HipHop/Pop Music Producer that goes by the name LTheGenius.

I am currently 31 years of age, born in New Madrid, MO, raised, and currently living in Sikeston, MO USA.

My primary genres of production are Pop, HipHop, and also R&B. But, I do like experimenting with multiple genres.

Listening to music growing up was a great joy and passion for me.

I was only able to listen to music my mom approved, as in some R&B, Motown, Oldies but Goodies, and my grandma's old gospel tapes.

Needless to say, I ended up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson and The Temptations, lbs.

By Middle School, I was free to choose my music and naturally gravitated towards HipHop diving in deep, becoming a huge Outkast fan!

My career in Audio Production began at the age of 11. I wanted to become a DJ, but couldn't pick up the skill. Not with my patients at the time anyway lol.

At, the age of 12 I started engineering and recording songs for my friends. Which lead me into songwriting and becoming an HipHop/Rap artist by Jr High School.

Creative writing always came easy to me so this added role felt natural.

Shortly after that our Beat Maker DraDaDon talked me into learning how to produce music.

Once picking up this skill my passion for this craft surged vigorously through my veins.

I fell in love! I was near completion, so I believed.

Graduating High School in 2009 I decided to attend college for Audio Production at IADT of Nashville, TN pretty much a month and a half after.

Which, I felt I taught myself 85% of the information.

Oh and get this!! The first day, the first five minutes of the first class the professor tells you that the degree you are about to start work for and paid $29,000 to obtain doesn't mean diddly squat for your career path.

Some exciting motivation huh? I did gain some interesting knowledge like Video and Movie production, while also making connections and meeting new friends.

Jump to 2019, I'm the Co-Owner and CEO of Music Masters Collective LLC, an Independent Record Label, located here in Southeast Missouri!!

With a total of three producers (HamronBeats, LTheGenius, and YaBoiStizzz) coming together to do our craft, working alongside various artists, digital marketers, filmmakers, graphics designers, and photographers. We love to engineer and produce music and have been doing so since childhood.

The journey before showed me a team of caring individuals unique in their craft is needed to achieve guaranteed and wanted success.

Since coming together we have slowly gained knowledge, perfected our crafts, and moved closer towards said success goals.

We began to change the mindset to "LessTalk, More Action". This dedication, grind, hustle, and hard work lead us to many invitations and offers as well.

For me, I received an invitation to join UpDown Level Label as a producer.

Working with another team/label of extremely talented music individuals to better our craft and achieve ultimate success.

Being with the label for just over a month now I've noticed amazing skills and great determination.

My work has advanced me inside the team quickly, showing this label appreciates and recognizes your determination towards your work.

Receiving feedback of all kinds, honest advice, marketing strategies, and more to help yourself in all helping the team. This is a key to not only success but life in general.


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-This team is a worldwide family! One great art science has brought together powerful people. Formed to create, entertain, learn, and teach while obtaining our goals. No bulls**t, no gimmicks, no wasted actions. I feel this is a huge opportunity and that my knowledge and skills can help us all grow.

Being UpDown Level has already helped with the growth of MMC with the knowledge I've gained. This is a true Family!! After recently having a call with Suren a couple of days ago it amazed me how like-minded we are.

How we both had the same ideas.

How we both share the same extremely intense passion not only towards our craft but to achieve the goal of success for virtually the same reasons.

Having such different backgrounds, opportunities, never met or being such a distance from each other.

Our energies are similar. This happened as it was meant to be. Listening to my guardian angels has brought me to this level of growth and success thus far.

It was meant to be. The term synchronicity comes to mind when thinking of these events.


The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

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