Shurnak Beatz

My name is Grady Rogers, I am 20 years old, and I go by the producer name Shurnak. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, and continue to live here while pursuing a degree in Marketing at the University of Saskatchewan.

Music has been a key part of my life for as long as I can remember with my father being a professional audio engineer in the early stages of my life. I picked up piano at the age of 7 and continued to take lessons until I was 14. I also practiced saxophone from the age of 11 until I was 18, learning both alto and tenor. Finally, when I was entering my final year of high school, I downloaded the demo version of FL Studio and quickly fell in love with not only the program but the endless musical capabilities that came with it. While I was not very good with the program for the first year and a half of producing, I eventually met my now close friend and music artist, Swiff, who originates from the same town as myself.

He had been working on music in Toronto and LA with some incredible artists and producers, such as BricksDaMane, Pressa, and Ron-Ron the Producer, and thanks to his guidance and industry experience, I grew at a rapid rate to meet his production requirements and began crafting my own sound within the music scene. I have now been producing for 3 ½ years and look to continue for as long as I can moving forwards.

I like to stay diverse within the industry and learn how to produce any new or trending styles of beat, with some of my favorite styles being West Coast Trap, Hyperpop, and Drill. Being from a location with no real influences on the local sound, my productions can sometimes come off as different, unique, or just straight-up weird, with my experimental beat-making nature. Long story short, if you need a beat done in a specific style, I will always do my best to produce it.

That is enough about my background though, I had been messaged and approached by many of the talented producers within the UpDown Level Label, including the CEO of the Label, Suren Davtyan, when I had finally returned to the BeatStars platform after a few months to get sent in the right direction by fellow friend and member, 808MoneyAP. From there the rest is history and I am now surrounded by an amazing and diverse group of members, spanning from all over the globe. The UpDown Level label is my new family, and we will continue to grow in the following years.


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what does it give you?

The UpDown Level label to me is an amazing opportunity to be a part of something great within the industry and it gives me the chance to network with new producers and artists, that I would otherwise have never met, and it will act as the foundation for amazing things to be achieved in the future within the music industry. I would like to just quickly say one more time a huge thanks to Suren for creating this label from the ground up and giving opportunities to producers and artists like myself.

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