My name is Michael Burch,

I come from Switzerland and I am 23 years old.

My artist's name is Suisse Beatz.

My hobbies: producing/listening to music, playing basketball, enjoying nature.

I started producing music in 2020 and quickly noticed that I have a lot of fun with it.

Before I started producing music, I listened to a lot of music and I was always very fascinated by how a song is structured. I

listen to a lot of trap, old-school rap songs. In 2020 I decided to produce my beat.

I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials and learned the basics and used that knowledge to produce my first beat.

I didn't think the beat was bad (with today's knowledge it does). 😂

After two months I decided to spend more money on my new hobby. I bought drum kits and an online video course and learned a lot from the course. I am always learning new things and it is a lot of fun to apply them and see the progress. I decided to set up a YouTube channel and publish my beats there. I had to think of an artist name and decided on "Suisse Beatz". That's what I called my YouTube channel.  I mainly produce trap beats, old school beats, and drill beats, this is where I have the most fun.

I recently received an invitation from UpDown Level Music Producing Label and I was very excited about it.

I was very happy that they saw talent in me and helped me to grow in what I enjoy.

I am very happy to work with UpDown Level Music Producing Label.


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-It's like a family for music that supports each other. It's also a great opportunity to show my beats and hopefully reach people who like my beats and work with new people and share our knowledge.

I am sure we will become a big family who supports each other.

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