My name is Borislav a.k.a Yung B. I was born in Belgrade, more precisely in Serbia. I currently live in Slovakia.

in my teens I played acoustic guitar and learned drums, I grew up playing rock music.

I came to Slovakia at the age of 18, where I still live today. to change my life in some way.

At the end of 2018, I became interested in music.

I went back to music again and made my first beats in 2019.

After a few months, my first earnings from music arrived,

but after only a few months, I got my first scam where I was robbed and my interest in music stopped.


What’s the UpDown Level Music Producing team for you and what it gives you?

-In 2021, an incredible offer from the publishing house UpDown Level arrives and I got new wind in my back.

Updownlevel is more than family.

I am happy to have the opportunity to work with a good team, but also with top artists.

Best Wishes

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