Pricing Plan 

for Music Producers

We are already 70+ Producers and Artists from all over the world. The Label provides big Value to connect and start working in the team.

What We exactly provide is making enough Knowledge to start your Music Journey.

How to get some numbers to make people pay attention to your music and see that you are taking your craft seriously.

Inside the Label, We will teach you about networking and the right way to get your target Artists to work with, also we will try to sell your beats and give you 80% income.

So, When you invest in your music, it will pay you back. We are here to make it as soon as possible.

 it's time for you to get signed and start your Music Journey Today!



This one-month trial period will give you an idea of how UpDown Level works, also you will gain knowledge about Marketing and Music Bussines.

  • Access to our Server with Producers

  • 4 times opportunity to submit beats

  • Announce about you as a signed Producer

  • Send Loops or collab with our Producers

  • Chance to get into work with Artists

The Trial period payment is refundable



Since the second month, UpDown Level will provide more tools for producers. These tools you will get during some months. 

  • Individual Beatstars Marketing

  • Opportunities for Placements

  • Get a chance to perform your music under our partner videos on TikTok.

  • Establish your music carrier on our website

  • Google Knowledge panel

  • We will pay attention to get your royalties divided exactly how it needs to be

  • Reach more Audiences

  • Consider you to work on our Management  team

  • We will teach you everything that you can't find on YouTube tutorials.

The Next Big Thing

Let's hit the One Million Platinum Plague together.


Nobody has been done this before.

Please don't compare us with anybody else.